Joystiq’s David Hinkle Previews Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The game opens up with a bunch of corporate fat cats speaking about a scientist who was to appear before Congress the following day with a medical breakthrough. The exact nature of the breakthrough was alluded to be some type of nervous system discovery, though the exact details of which were unknown. These shadowy types (represented by silhouetted images on a monitor who had their voices masked) were after Dr. Reed, the scientist in question, and as text displayed on a monitor detailing how she had finally been located, the cutscene ended.

– Dialogue options, much like in Mass Effect that will effect how others feel about your character. Dialogue provides experience points.
– Augmentation menu: Use points acquired through tablets found in the environment or rewarded in specific parts of the game to upgrade different parts of the characters body augmentations. Unlock new abilities or upgrade passive abilities (ie., suits internal batteries or threat assessing algorithms).
– Melee appears to use battery power meaning you may be limited to how often you can use it?
– Actions such as flushing a toilet may cause a guard to investigate. AI is smart (appears to respond with setting up an ambush?). However the AI responded to opening a door in its line of sight with a “Huh?”.
– Hacking mini-game. Sounds similar to Mass Effect 2.
– Decisions will effect how the game plays out and characters may assist you at some point later for helping them.
– Dialogue and decisions appear to be a strong point.

Basically, a lot of similarities to Mass Effect 2. It’s nothing ground-breaking, but I’m interested in seeing how it plays out.

Article: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Preview: Humane Decisions


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