Response to "Retail PC Gaming is Dying"

Response to article:

PC gamers don’t buy their products from retail locations anymore. We either order them online or get them digitally. There is incredibly reduced need for physically going out and buying a video game off a shelf for PC gamers.

Retail purchases have reduced to nearly null because titles simply are not there on the shelf for PC gamers and that has been the case for many years now. With the exception of larger stores such as Best Buy. The Internet makes it very easy to obtain the title you want. Publishers and online vendors have made it nearly effortless to find what we want online.

Once us gamers were able to order just about anything or download most titles digitally, why would we waste gas visiting multiple stores, hoping the title we are looking for is a shelf somewhere? Gamers stopped wasting their time checking store shelves a long time ago. We just have better options.

The only gamers that still tend to venture out to store shelves are console owners. Why? The games are there – in mass number. Typically lining more than one entire isle. While PC games are limited to less than half an isle in most stores.

For quite some time now it has been cheaper to purchase PC titles online. You can find many discounts and bargains for older titles (and new). We can download products digitally from sites such as Direct2Drive or direct from some publishers such as Electronic Arts. If you want to physically pick up a product from a store, you can normally “ship to store” if that title is in stock somewhere.

There is no need to waste time and gas anymore when stores don’t have the title you want. You can download many titles within hours if you have broadband. Or have the title shipped (free shipping is common) and in your hands within about three days.


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