Age of Conan: Graphics Engine Update

This update comes far too late but it appears to look nice.


4 responses to “Age of Conan: Graphics Engine Update

  • fazor3d

    I was wondering about this game last night; I loved it when it launched, but the player base crumbled so quickly it turned me off of it after a few short months. I switched over to Warhammer: Online (and again fell victim to crumbling player base.)

    It’s interesting to see that they’re still supporting and improving the game. Is anyone still playing it though?

    • Chris Grooms

      I don’t think it really ever made a come back from the number of players lost when everyone dropped early on, but I’m assuming there’s still enough players to enjoy the game. It’s been a long while since I’ve played myself. The box is collecting dust.

  • fazor3d

    To be honest, the decline in player base was only half the problem. Transfers and server merges can mitigate that, at least to an extent. What made it worse was the fact that so many of the players who remained were cynical, whiny, and just unpleasant to play with.

    It’s a shame when a poor community kills a game that could otherwise be pretty good, but some of that blame still is on Funcom. It just highlights how difficult it is to launch and sustain an MMO.

    I think after Everquest and WoW, a lot of developers thought that MMOs and monthly subscriptions would be a near-automatic recipe for success, and I think it’s been very apparent that is in no way the case. Live and learn, right?

    • Chris Grooms

      Gamers expect a lot more than what they expected 10 years ago. We (gamers) used to be happy with a lot simpler gameplay back then. It takes a lot to keep our attention for an entire playthrough. Especially for an MMO that we’re expected to spend months and 1000+ hours getting into. I think if developers just understood what we wanted better they would do well.

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