Star Wars Galaxies Entertainer Update and Hotfix 19.12

As much as I absolutely hate Star Wars Galaxies, I still love it; the incredible experience it was as a Star Wars game and the powerful nostalgia it still brings me as I remember the experience. I honestly can’t say I’ve had so much fun in any game since.

The combat update (or upgrade) came about six months after I started playing. The update wasn’t an absolute game destroyer. Most are led to believe that the combat update is what killed the game, but that isn’t the case. Then the NGE came soon after and that was the end. I still can’t believe they removed about 30 professions. Yes, 30 professions. That’s not the exact number but it’s close.

Then there is Jump to Lightspeed which is still amazing. Apart from it’s ground game counterpart, Lightspeed is the best Star Wars space combat experience since Lucasarts X-wing.

Star Wars Galaxies did so many things right – and so many things wrong. What it did right really made it incredible and made the wrong easy to stomach.

About a year ago I started playing again only to jump back in my tie fighter and I had a blast. I mostly avoided the ground aspect of the game but I also got into crafting again. Crafting is still fun for the most part. It’s just the best crafting experience in an online game hands down to date. It’s complex but easy to grasp. Nothing can compare.

Star Wars Galaxies Jump to Lightspeed

Regardless of how terrible Star Wars Galaxies is, there are still some aspects of the game that to this day can not be beaten. Some of those are: crafting, player housing, ship “housing”, ability to drop any item in your house/ship, bioengineering (no longer in-game), food crafting, interior design (not an actual profession), Star Wars space combat (since X-Wing), etc.

Even after the infamous combat upgrade/update and the NGE people still play Star Wars Galaxies. The Starsider server was packed when I took a look recently. Though, stay away from any other server as the rest are literal ghost towns.

Anyway SOE is updating the entertainer class (I almost said profession). You can now Image Design while dancing. I know this is a very welcome change, having played an entertainer. Yes, I’m a guy, but entertainer is a serious cash cow. It is the easiest way to make credits in the game and you can do it while standing still and socializing.

Star Wars Galaxies Entertainer

There are also new hair styles available to image designers.

I doubt there is much of anything that SOE can do to bring in more than a few new players here and there, but these are definitely welcome changes. Though changes like this should have been in an update six years ago.

Link: Full Update List


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