Eve Online: Awesome New Updates

Eve Online is an incredible game. The only thing stopping lots of players from maintaining a subscription is the time involved and the lack of a immediate recognition of progression due to the games queued skills. Outside of that one little thing – the game is incredible. The market, the economy, the crafting, CCP and it’s developers. They are probably the greatest online game company in existence because they employ incredibly talented developers, additions to the game are free and the updates are amazing.

In the works is a new segment of the game that allows console players to battle it out on the ground and players on the PC will get to see the impact of those battles in the space game. That is very innovative and as far as I know a very original idea.

Also in future updates the graphics are getting a new overhaul, along with the UI. Players will also be able to step outside of their ships and walk around. Corporations will get to build on locations that they can walk around in with their avatars.

Agent quality will be removed so that players don’t congregate in certain areas. I believe this is a great idea because players will move to other areas and the player base will travel with more of a realistic and intelligent pattern.

Also illegal items will be introduced and players will get to act as sector police (and scan other players and mark them).

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