VG247: New Prey 2 Screenshots

The original was a huge disappointment for me. I knew about it many many years before it ever released. As far back as 1995. When I played it, it was lackluster at best. I remember how I was excited about it when I saw the screenshots back in the 90s and then suddenly all news and information about it disappeared. Then just as suddenly news reappeared years later.

You could easily compare it to Duke Nukem Forever in terms of the original announcement and when the game actually released. There was less hype for it of course. Prey took about 10 years to release if I remember correctly. I’m sure it was abandoned at some point, but so was DNF.

Once I played it, I couldn’t force myself to spend more than a few hours in the game. I was obviously older then and not as easily entertained, but it just wasn’t worth the wait. Hopefully Prey 2 doesn’t have the same effect.

See the rest:

Prey 2


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