SWTOR Fan Site Summit: Today’s New Information Compiled #swtour #swtor


*Updated for new information released on the 29th and 30th.

This is an update on the information that has been released as of today (the 28th) from the fan sites that attended the SWTOR Fan Site Summit 2011.

A few of these are NOT in English, so I recommend using Chrome to make it extremely easy to translate the pages quickly.

If you use Twitter, you should follow these guys for any new information: @askajedi @CorellianRun @realdarthhater @TORWars @TOROcast @TORTalkPodcast @SwtorLife @TORsyndicate @MrWarlock @SWTOREU.

Also keep an eye on the #SWTOUR tag. TweetDeck is a nice application if you want to sit back and watch the news roll in.

Mos Eisley Radio
MER Episode and Podcast 37: The Summit
Photos: Fan Site Summit @ Flickr

Darth Hater
DH Screenshot Exclusive
General Information Learned
Flashpoint Impressions: Black Talon
Impressions: Bounty Hunter / Imperial Agent
Audio: Q&A Session
Images: Fan Site Summit
Dev Tracker Highlights

Georg Zoeller Q&A
Audio: Daniel Erickson and Blaine Christine Q&A
Audio: Q&A w/ Damion Schubert and His Eyebrows
Exclusive Screenshot: Nar Shaddaa
Fan Site Summit Day 2, Morning: Studio Tour, Dev Q&A
Georg Zoeller on Forum Polls
Fansite Summit: Writers Q&A

Audio: Group Q&A Sessions w/ Developers
Video: Damion Schubert Q&A
Images: Bioware Austin Studio Tour
Exclusive Screenshot: Trooper and Smuggler
Fan Site Summit 2011: Welcome to the Big Show!
Impressions: Black Talon Flashpoint

Audio: Fan Site Community Q&A PvE Day
TOR-TALK Exclusive Screenshot
Audio: Episode 35 Podcast: Texas Rangers

Video: Interview w/ Damion Schubert on Crew Skills
Swtorcrafter’s Impressions on the Summit
Exclusive Screenshot
Video: Unedited Video of TOROcast Recording Show 100 at SWTOUR
Impressions: Bounty Hunter and General Gameplay
Developer Q&A: Transcribed / Audio: Damion Schubert / Audio: Blaine Daniel
Playing the Imperial Agent: Combat / Story / Exploration

Exclusive Screenshot
Video and Audio: Summit Q&A
Audio: Summit in Review
Impressions: Imperial Agent

SWTOR Fan Site Summit 2011
Q&A w/ Erickson and Christine
Q&A w/ Damion Schubert
Q&A w/ Georg Zoeller
Impressions: Imperial Agent / Bounty Hunter

Exclusive Screenshot
Summit Pictures
Video: Interview w/ Lead Combat Designer Georg Zoeller
YouTube: Interview w/ Georg Zoller

Impressions: Imperial Agent and Bounty Hunter / Blacktalon Flashpoint
SWTOUR: Q&A w/ Damion Schubert
Images: Bioware and SWTOUR

Audio: TOROcast Episode 100
Audio: Bounty Hunter Impressions and Q&A
Audio: TOROcast Episode 101
TOROcast Exclusive Screenshot
Impressions: Sith Warrior

Audio: Q&A w/ Damion Shubert
Audio: Podcast #25 LIVE from Bioware’s Fan Site Summit
Images: Incriminating Photos – Pt. 2 and Pt. 1.
Stephen Reid – The Barstool Interview
Exclusive Screenshot – Balmorra
Thursday’s SWTOR Tidbits

SWTOUR Part 1 – Story
SWTOUR Part 2 – Combat & Gameplay
SWTOUR Part 3 – Points to Note
Images: Random Pic’s from SWTOUR

Q&A: Blaine Christine and Daniel Erickson, Damion Schubert, Georg Zoeller

Exclusive Screenshot
Interview w/ Daniel Erickson
Articles: Summit First Day and Second Day
Q&A: Georg Zoeller

Non-Fan Site News
Hands On: Star Wars The Old Republic
SWtour Summit: TORWars Recap Podcast
Together, we work alone: two days with Star Wars: The Old Republic
SWTOR Updated Hands-On Preview – Bounty Hunter In-Depth
Bounty Hunter Multiplayer Preview
Black Talon Flashpoint Preview
SWTOR “Immersion Days” Trailer
Bounty Hunting in Star Wars The Old Republic
SWTOR Preview
SWTOR Hands-On PvE Preview
Early Hands-on With PvE in Star Wars: The Old Republic


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