Skyrim: Todd Howard Interview w/ New Details


– The five major cities in Skyrim will be walled-off in a seperate loading zone.
– There will be racism and racial conflicts, mostly between Nords and Elves.
– Your sneak status is shown by an eyeball. If it’s open, you’re detected, if it’s closed, you’re not.
– Alchemy has seen some tiny changes.
– About half of the game’s dungeons are small, and can be completed in about 15 minutes. The other half are more lengthy, including a few ‘epic, multi-hour dungeons’.
– You will encounter Necromancers during the game.
– The Nine Divines and the Daedra are in the game, some of them offering unique quests.
– There are mammoths, deer, elk and rabbits.
– The devs did their best to really ‘flesh out’ the different creatures and races. Their lairs will look different, the stuff they’ll sometimes carry unique stuff with them, and so on.
– Mammoths are apparently often encountered near Giants.
– We will see more creatures in the nearby future.
– Crafting skills include armoring, woodcutting, mining, cooking and working on leather. They are not mini-games.
– Some crafting skills have special menus, like cooking.
– There are raw and cooked versions of each food..


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