SWTOR Fan Site Summit: PvP Information Compiled #swtour #swtor


The PvP information embargo has dropped. This is a compilation of the SWTOR fan sites’ information on PvP and a few updates on other things from May 5 2011. The fan sites are still working on releasing new information. Be patient!

You can find the compiled PvE information list here from April 29-30.

Keep an eye on #swtour on Twitter for new information.

The Fan Site List: Ask a Jedi, Corellian Run Radio, Darth Hater, Fureur, Gamona, InGame, Mos Eisley Radio, SWTOR EU, SWTOR-FR, SWTOR Life, SWTOR-UK, TOROCast, TOR-Talk, TOR Syndicate and TORWars.

A few fan sites are in another language. You can easily translate on the fly with Chrome.

Text: SWTOR Warzones and PVP
Podcast: Episode 38 The Summit 2: PvP
Photos: Fan Site Summit @ Flickr

Text: Exclusive PvP Coverage – The Fan Site Summit Mother Lode
Impressions: Alderaan / Consular PvP
Audio and Full Text: Q&A w/ Lead PvP Designer Gabe Amantangelo
Video: Forbidden Questions w/ Gabe Amatangelo
Video: Gabe Amatangelo Discusses PvP Part 1 / Part 2

Interview: Gabe Amatangelo
Audio: Q&A w/ Gabe Amatangelo
Bullet Points: PvP Information Learned
Impressions: PvP
Podcast: Episode 81: Fan Site Summit Day 3

Corellian Run Radio
Audio: Gabe Amatangelo Introduces Us to PvP
Recap: The Gang’s All Here, Studio Tour and Dev Q&As, Writer Q&A Georg Zoeller Interview, Part 4: Black Talon, Dave & Busters, MER

Text: Hands-On the Alderaan Civil Warzone; Marauder and Gunslinger
Q&A: Gabe Amatangelo
Bullet Points: PvP in the Old Republic

Q&A: Gabe Amatangelo
Video: GBA Episode 4: Summit PvP!
Text: Tom’s PvP Experience
Text: Tim’s PvP Experience

PvP Impressions: Alderaan Warzone
Video: Taxicab Confession / Summit Experience / Dave & Busters Party

Text: PvP w/ Jedi Sentinel, Imperial Operative and Republic Commando
Text: Samm’s PvP Consular Impressions

Text: The Full Charge PvP

Q&A Video: Gabe Amatangelo
Impressions: PvP Warzone Alderaan

Q&A: Q&A w/ Gabe Amatangelo / Gabe Amatangelo on PvP
Text: Alderaan Combat Zone

Text: SWTOUR Part 4 PVP Q&A

List: PvP Fan Site Summit Coverage Collection

Text: A Report on PVP

Text: Fan Site Summit Final Episode – Or Not
I had a few issues with linking to SWTOR-FR articles. Possibly caused by Google Ads.

Hands-On: Star Wars The Old Republic PvP
PvP in Star Wars: The Old Republic
Jedi PvP Hands-On
Star Wars: The Old Republic: PvP Hands-On Preview
Star Wars: The Old Republic PVP
SWTOR Reinvents the Tank Role in PvP
Preview: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Warzones in the Old Republic
SWTOR: Emmanuel Lusinchi Interview

SWTOR Unlimited
Bullet Points: PvP Info from the Fan Site Summit

Ninjashikamaru also has a large list compiled on the official SWTOR forums for both the PvE and PvP release information.

Also check out Massively’s list for PvE and PvP.


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