SWTOR Release Likely BEFORE Christmas #swtor

“Today we have confirmed that Mass Effect 3 will be released in the first three months of 2012. The development team is laser focused on making sure Mass Effect 3 is the biggest, boldest and best game in the series, ensuring that it exceeds everyone’s expectations,” said executive producer Casey Hudson.

Source: http://links.visibli.com/links/ae1fa4

All of the EA officers on the conference call were very explicit in their assertions that no release date had been set for the game.

The good news is that EA seemed confident that the game would release within the 2011 calendar year, as CFO Eric Brown said, “we fully anticipate launching Star Wars: The Old Republic in Q2 [Summer 2011] or Q3 [Fall 2011]…[with an] outside possibility of a January launch.”

Source: http://www.torlegends.com/component/content/article/34-swtor-articles/174-swtor-a-eas-q4-investor-conference-call.html

This information has been going around on Twitter and lots of media outlets. My intent is to clear up the nonsense and give an educated guess into an actual release date window (which a lot of media outlets are not doing).

According to said source we can expect Mass Effect 3 between Jan-March 2012. As far as the release of Star Wars The Old Republic; developers and EA have been pretty adamant about a 2011 release for a long period of time and have not changed what they are saying whatsoever. If you have paid attention, this can be quoted from lots of different sources at Bioware and EA possibly over a hundred times.

Since Mass Effect 3 will release between January and March we can assume there is a possibility for a January release. If it was released in January, I find it highly unlikely that SWTOR would release in the same month.

Now let’s use a little “common sense” while we try and predict a release date for SWTOR.

First it is highly unlikely that SWTOR will release in 2012, because Bioware is and has always said to expect it in the second half of 2012. Second it would make very little sense (to me) that if the SWTOR release date is pushed as far as December that Bioware will want it to release after Christmas rather than before. In my opinion that wouldn’t be a smart or sane decision.

Star Wars the Old Republic’s development has cost Bioware hundreds of millions of dollars. It goes without saying that Bioware will want the best possible (most profitable) release date for the game. So you can expect it to release close to Christmas if the release is near the end of 2011.

After all why would they release their most expensive endeavor EVER right after everyone has spent their savings on Christmas and are recovering financially? They wouldn’t in my opinion. That would be ridiculous.

Far too many media outlets are regurgitating this information time and time again today as if this information has set a new release window in stone and included January as a possibility. It has not. Bioware has said time and time again that the game will release in 2011 (around July-Dec) and that’s all they will say.

The explanation for the “possible” January release – nothing more than playing it safe with investors in my opinion. I don’t believe Bioware has any intention of allowing the game to release in January. EA may consider January a possibility, but Bioware is planning on to release the game in 2011.

Some media outlets are claiming that the date could be pushed as far as March 2012. What I have to say to that: That’s nuts and horrible journalism. Sure this is all my opinion, but I felt that the media has been really stretching the recent “news”.

So what do we know that we didn’t know a week ago? Nothing that we didn’t already know. Expect the game in 2011 between Summer and Fall 2011.


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