Star Wars The Old Republic Game Design Interview w/ Emmanuel Lusinchi


GR: Let’s start off with some PvP talk. You have classes like the Imperial Agent that are designed around a cover system, while others don’t use it at all. Were there any challenges implementing the cover system while designing PvP?

EL: That’s actually something we had to struggle with. The first step was making sure there was enough cover in the PvP Warzones, which was a bit easier than cover in general because they’re relatively small zones and we know where the strategic points are.

If you really like cover, if that’s what you like to do, then you can pick up skills in the skill trees for classes that specialize in cover that make you immune to certain effects; for instance you can become immune to a warrior’s Force Charge while in cover. Not letting people close in quickly with you was a big thing. We also have some skills that make it impossible for you to be knocked out of cover and to push people away so you can snipe them.

It’s a very rewarding role because you do a lot of damage while in cover, and it’s also a challenging role because the good players will try to sidestep and get out of your line of sight, forcing you to change cover. It’s not going to be for everyone, but for those that like cover, I believe we gave them enough tools to make cover work.

GR: And there’s also what you’ve referred to as “natural cover”, not actual cover points but obstructions that let you dodge line of sight, right?

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