SWTOR Friday Update: The Sith Inquisitor #swtor

Check out the Friday Update on the Sith Inquisitor.

Inquisitors, the dark geniuses of the Empire, are masters of treachery and dark Force power. Feared as much on the battlefield as they are by prisoners and political enemies, they will stop at nothing to earn themselves more power. The paths to power are many, though. Is your Inquisitor an Assassin, striking down enemies from the shadows with cunning tactics and a skilled blade? Or are you a Sorcerer, a triumph of the dark side, smoldering with ambition and uncovering dark secrets of the Force to destroy your enemies?

Find out more about these dangerous Sith:

Meet Khem Val, an ancient, deadly Dashade with an insatiable hunger.
Explore the Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor, the Inquisitor’s starship.
Witness the terrifying power of a Sith Inquisitor in the new class video.

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