Pre-E3 2011: Star Wars: The Old Republic #E3 Info and What to Expect

What does Bioware have planned for E3?

o Hands on experience with Tatooine, speeders and sand people played from the Imperial faction (all classes available). If you’re lucky enough to be there at E3.
o First look at new boss fights.
o End-game content reveals: Raids (not to be confused with flashpoints) are called “operations” and start at level 50 with varying difficulty modes for both casual and hard core players.
o New video reveals each day of E3 along with Live E3 shows.

Where to watch for Live E3 footage:
Spike TV, G4 TV,,, Machinima,, Gametrailers and

Watch the one hour E3 Press Conference June 6 at 12:30PM Pacific / 3:30PM Eastern.

Also check regularly with, the community forums, SWTOR Twitter, the #SWTOR Twitter Tag and the Facebook page.

Check out this Star Wars The Old Republic E3 trailer. Now, while you watch, I need a change of pants after seeing it for myself.

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