E3 2011: SWTOR Notes Day 2, Blizz the Jawa, Tatooine, Video etc.

There was a Daniel Erickson interview at 3:45 eastern with Gamespot. Immediately after he is introduced they showed video on Alderaan with a four player party (which might be the max party size). That trooper is carrying one massive gun. The party enters a story area where they must take down a boss (not a flashpoint).

At 5PM a live Q&A and demo began with Daniel Erickson playing TOR and Stephen Reid picking questions from Twitter for Erickson to answer. Erickson drove around Tatooine on a personal mount and participated in some quests with his companion, Blizz the Jawa. When I last checked, the stream reached around 11,000 viewers.

Mounts: Confirmed again – no creature mounts. For now. Only mechanical. You get speeders or mounts at level 25? I’m not entirely clear on that right now. There will be multiple mounts. You can ride your mount inside some store-areas such as caves.

Companion confirmed: Blizz (Jawa). Blizz, once unlocked, is a permanent companion. Yes, you can keep him. Companions can be swapped seemingly on-the-fly.

PVP: Able to PVP at level 1 and likely that this will be the case at launch. The “Dune Sea” will be a very dangerous location for players. You can level through PVP but not entirely as you are gated with your primary quests.

Ship travel: Once you unlock your ship, you can travel wherever you want and get destroyed as you wish on high level planets.

Appearances: You can unlock new appearances for companions.

Story areas: Not all story-areas are private instances. It depends and they want to allow you to be in a public space as often as possible.

Death: Resurrect to med center or use a medical probe which resurrects you, gives you a limited time to move away from a mob while fully stealthed.

World bosses: Yes!

Check out AskaJedi’s notes of the live Q&A/Demo.

Here is footage thanks to SWTOR-Life of the game. This footage is not from the live Q&A, so yes this is unique footage.

Askajedi.com: Tatooine Gameplay Video + Images
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SWTOR-Life: Interview with Daniel Erickson – Exclusive Info Revealed
Gamespot: E3 2011: Star Wars: The Old Republic Updated Hands-On Preview – High-Level Play on Tatooine


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