Star Wars: The Old Republic – Open Beta Discussion

Let’s talk for a moment Old Republic fans.

I know that most of you don’t read every single tidbit of information like some of us, so maybe you haven’t heard. There’s a bit more of you than there should be that just allow information to go in one ear and out the other. I’m also talking to that crowd.

There will be no open beta. This has been confirmed by Daniel Erickson and others at Bioware. I’ve been saying this to the community for months now as people have started to talk about an open beta.

Expecting an open beta for a game as massive as Star Wars: The Old Republic is incredibly unrealistic and asinine. If you just know very little about the industry; I excuse you. Those of you that pay a little more attention should know better. Those that have been accepted into closed and open betas over the years and have an idea of what sort of title is usually offered as an open beta – what is your excuse?

The Old Republic has cost Bioware millions of dollars. It is one of the largest projects in history. If not the largest. EA, George Lucas and Bioware have a very expensive investment in TOR. Whether or not you believe, or I agree that an open beta could potentially be a major success, it could also be absolutely detrimental to the success of TOR. There is a lot that goes into these decisions and you nor I can imagine what they all are.

EA may likely lose millions due to the NFL lockout, making it even less likely that they will take any risks right now. This is one of thousands of things EA must think about.

You’re extremely lucky when you get to play larger titles like Rift temporarily in an open beta. Open betas are a rare privilege for larger titles. When an open beta is offered the publisher, developer and investors are taking a very big risk. When it comes to titles like Black Prophecy, all an open beta can do is help such a small project. Those titles need the advertising and exposure.

Expecting Bioware to offer an open beta makes about as much sense as expecting it to be free to play. I suppose that unicorns could appear and offer you unlimited wishes, but good luck with that.

That all said. Be glad that Bioware is making this game and doing all the things that they do for you every week. Stop being so ungrateful.


3 responses to “Star Wars: The Old Republic – Open Beta Discussion

  • gamer_ladyp

    I loved the comment about an open beta not stress testing a server but putting a bullet in it’s head. I had no idea that the forums had so many people signed up. It is amazing buzz over a game that isn’t out yet. I wonder if it keeps the people designing server loads and balance up at night? LOL.

  • josh

    is there a secret to get into betas lol cuz i know a few people who get into ever beta we sign up for i mean theyve done ever wow beta since vanilla and i can never get into one and i would love to do this beta lol.

    • Chris Grooms

      You mostly just have to keep an eye on sites that offer keys like Massively for example. I have an RSS feed setup with multiple news sites.

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