Star Wars: The Old Republic – Investors and Large-Scale Closed Beta

In news today sites have been running information about a conference call between analysts and William Blair. On Twitter today people have been talking about a possible large-scale closed beta in the near future.

I do feel that this is very likely to happen in the near future. I have been thinking there may be some big news a few weeks after E3 and I have a feeling that this could (maybe) be that news. But my prediction was for June 30 – July 8th so we’ll see what comes out that week.

Just understand that investors are not a great source of information. They are much like politicians and disseminate information in the exact same way. You should never trust a politician even if a lot of what they say might be true. Expect the information not to be exact.

About a month before the no open-beta confirmation by Bioware I was predicting that there would be no open beta. It seemed like everyone on the Internet just knew that there would be. I gave my reasons for this in posts online, but generally it was due to the size of the player base, the size of Bioware/EA, the cost of development and the size of The Old Republic itself. You just don’t generally do an open beta for such a massive launch.

A large-scale closed beta in my opinion is very likely, because it would be a way to control the size of stress testing for TOR. Some have said that they think that Bioware might allow those that pre-order to enter the large-scale closed beta, but that would not allow them to regulate the number of players.

Enough players will pre-order TOR to wreak absolute havoc on test servers. It’s no longer a stress test once your server has far exceeded the maximum players it was designed for. I can pretty much guarantee you that they already know how many players they hope to have on a single server.

When I say large-scale closed beta, I mean nothing more than a beta larger than what is underway which is regulated by Bioware to stress-test the server(s).

I’m just the type of person that is very against representing anything as a fact (or in a way that others will conclude my statements as fact) when there is reason to doubt that information. So I won’t simply run this story and quote this or that person. This is my opinion on the information that has been released. Just have an open mind when it comes to information that comes out in this manner.

Basically, just wait until an official Bioware representative confirms this particular piece of information.


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