Planetside 2 Trailer Debuts: SOE Fans Nowhere To Be Found

I know there are some Planetside fans out there and no doubt some of them are looking forward to Planetside 2. In case you haven’t seen it here’s the Planetside 2 debut trailer.

I can’t imagine that Planetside 2 will draw in much of a player base . At least not one much larger than the original’s current fan base. Fans of SOE are few and far between. It’s become the punch line to a never ending joke that’s likely repeated at least several hundred times a day across the Internet on forums, chat rooms and other medium.

Gamers hate SOE and for good reason. SOE always promises a great product and then fails to deliver. It somehow manages to hold on to a small but loyal fan base and then proceeds to repeatedly shit on that fan base, altering or removing the aspects of a game that the loyal fan base stuck around for. SOE excels at it to such extent that the only logical conclusion is that it gets its jollies off pissing on gamers (and apparently doesn’t like making more money rather than less money).

Odds are that the first 6 months of Planetside 2 will be semi-eventful and within a year most of the player base will be gone and will again be talking about how SOE made twenty mind blowing mistakes.

SOE believes that Planteside 2 will “revolutionize the FPS genre“. As a friend pointed out there really is nothing being offered in the MMOFPS genre worth mentioning besides Planetside and Planetside 2. If having no competition in the genre is considered revolutionizing then Planetside will succeed, but not where it counts.

Planetside 2: Lots of Details, Artwork and a Trailer for Upcoming Persistent MMOFPS


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