Star Wars: The Old Republic Pre-Order Available, Pricing and Information

I was up with some folks in the Old Republic community very early this morning on ventrilo as they were speculating that TOR might open up pre-orders. They were right.

It appears that in less than an hour copies of the collectors edition were selling out on Origin. Find out how to get your copy at If copies are sold out on Origin or at distributors of your choice you will still have the option of buying from another distributor.

Available versions of the game are: standard, digital deluxe and the collector’s edition. There are limited quantities at this time. You will receive confirmation that your order has been received and if there are available copies you will receive a confirmation and then you will be charged.

Prices are as follows: Standard Edition ($59.99 + $5.00 Pre-Order Charge), Digital Deluxe ($79.99 + $5.00 Pre-Order Charge) and the Collectors Edition ($149.99 + $20 Pre-Order Charge).

This is the news that millions have been waiting for. It has been said for a while now that you will know when the train starts rolling along and the release date is ahead. I am pretty sure that this does in fact signal the departure of that very train. Can we expect release date information at Comic-Con this week? It’s quite possible.

Unfortunately live coverage of Comic-Con is limited but you can turn to G4TV for coverage. Comic-Con starts today and ends on Sunday the 24th.

If you want to buy locally check with your local retailers. Wal-Mart, Best Buy, GameStop, Target and others.


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