SD Comic-Con 2011: Star Wars: The Old Republic Details, Videos, Information

This post is written early Saturday the 23rd. There is still two more days of Comic-Con to go.

If you haven’t preordered your copy of Star Wars The Old Republic you can do so now from Origin and plenty of other retailers. Copies are selling out very quickly.

A few key points so far:
– Unique story per class. “Not one single duplicate mission”.
– There are multiple large mounts, speeders, two seaters and swoop style vehicles. You won’t be forced to ride a segway through the entire game.
– Companion characters: Change the skin color, adjust the AI (such as in Dragon Age) and other features are in testing.

The new “Join the Fight” Trailer [Link]
Video: Stephen Reid on Early Access, Pre-Orders and the Approach of the SWTOR Launch [Link]
Video: Stephen Reid on SWTOR’s Launch Window and More [Link]
Video: SWTOR Panel at Comic-Con [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3]

Live Blog & Coverage [Day 1, Day 2]
Text: Interview with Dallas Dickinson [Link]
Images: Panel Video Working Dissection [Link]

Video: Day 1 Q&A Session Video [Link]

For more information view the Unofficial San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Thread on the official forums. Also check with TORWARS and DarthHater for fansite coverage.

Link: KotOR Figure Debuts at Comic-Con


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