Today In Gaming: LoL: Dominion, Skyrim, etc.

Today in Gaming: League of Legends, Skyrim

2Kgames takes a look at the Korea and Ancient World Civilization 5 scenario packs.

The Drakensang Online open beta is now live. Check out an official trailer.

World of Warplanes‘ release date is still to-be-announced, but IGN has new screenshots. Follow the World of Warplanes Twitter and Facebook to stay updated.

Battlefield 3 will feature “years of unlocks“. I don’t know about you, but I still haven’t unlocked everything in Battlefield 2 and I’ve had the game since it’s release. Ribbons are still available rewards. As are service stars and weapon unlocks.

Watch nearly 40 minutes of off-screen Skyrim footage at QuakeCon. That crowd is nuts for Skyrim. has new Prey 2 screenshots. Prey 2 is features “first person parkour elements” in what I relate to a Blade Runner style setting. See the official E3 2011 trailer.

TORWars takes a look at developer commentary on the Star Wars: The Old Republic forums discussing disabling story cut scenes.

League of Legends releases a behind-the-scenes video of Dominion. Watch the official trailer and sign up for the game for free.

Dice is going all out and putting a Mig-21 on display at the Battlefield 3 Gamescom booth. Yes a Mig-21.


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