GC2011: The Old Republic Compiled Links and Video

Gamescom 2011: Compiled Links and Video

The following is compiled information from Gamescom on August 19th 2011. GC ends on August 21. I have omitted some repeated footage and bad quality videos.

Friday Update:
SWTOR.com: Warzone: Huttball

Gamestar.de [German]: HD Gameplay Video and Commentary (quite good quality video)
YouTube: Gamescom Presentation (720p)
DarthHater: Eternity Vault Gamescom Day Zero Presentation (720p)
IGN: The Old Republic – Drelliad Villa (Off-Screen)
PCGames.de: Off-Screen Gameplay Video
YouTube (TotalHalibut): 25 minute Gameplay Video and Interview/Commentary with Stephen Reid
Livestream.com: Bioware Breakfast Live 8/19/11 (Q&A with subtitles)
YouTube (TOROCast): Hutt Ball
Livestream.com: Razer Interview
YouTube (kaempire): Producer Presentation / Presentation #2
YouTube (gaminglives): Hall 6 Walkabout – BF3, Blizzard, TOR, Activision
YouTube (vadyr82): PVP Presentation
YouTube (pcactionfan): Origin World (Korriban) Gameplay
YouTube (gamerlivetv): Developer Preview and Interview w/ Emmanuel Lusinchi
YouTube (giga): Giga.de Gameplay (German)
Gamespot.com: Interview w/ Cory Butler and Gameplay Footage
YouTube (geeksandgames): PVP Presentation w/ Gabe

Gamespot: Star Wars: The Old Republic Updated Preview – Three Modes
Massively: SWTOR Wins Best Online Game and Introduces Huttball
PCGamer.com: Accessible Raids: Rewards for All, No Gear Grinding Required

SWTOR.EU: Bioware’s booth at GC 2011 – Pictures and Video (includes booth video)
DarthHater: Gamescom 2011 Photo Gallery
DarthHater: The Pit – Dissection

Video, Article and Images:
TOROCast: Banath’s Impressions

Fansite Coverage:
DarthHater: Day Zero Coverage / Day One Coverage / Day Two Coverage
AskAJedi: Bioware Pulse Q&A w/ The Doctors
AskAJedi: Blue Milk and Cereal: What Do You Think of the Huttball Warzone?
TORWars: Cory Butler Demos Huttball and The Eternity Vault
TORWars: James Ohlen Chats About Companions, Player Ships and Record-Breaking SWTOR Demand
TORWars: Erickson Clarifies Faction Cooperation in Huttball
CorellianRun: Producer Presentation, Sith Warrior Play-Through
CorellianRun: Endgame Demo, New Warzone
SWTOR.com: Unofficial Gamescom 2011 Thread


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