Recently in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Recently in The Old Republic: Jennifer Hale, Other Info

The Old Republic website has been updated with the full crew skills information.

VG247 interviews Greg Zeschuk (co-founder of Bioware and Vice President)

Apparently Bioware snuck in a guild systems update.

DarthHater takes a look at mounts in the game and the adjustments to those models made after fans were not pleased with the current available mounts.

There will be no collision detection in PvP and warzones.

Jennifer Hale the voice actor on a ridiculous number of projects who you might remember as Bastila Shan or the voice in over a hundred video games is listed as the “queen of video game acting” in The New Yorker. Information credited to TORWars.

The non-digital and non-EU version of TOR purchased from retail outlets numbers about 346,724. This does not reflect digital copies or European copies.

Lucasarts is working on an open-world RPG and will be hiring.

Darth Hater: Gabe Amatangelo Interview
TORWars: Gamescom Photo Gallery
YouTube (gosude): Gabe Amatangelo Interview
YouTube (thealinangel): Interview w/ Greg Zeschuk
TORWars: Hands-On Impressions: PVP at Gamescom
DarthHater Gamescom Coverage: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4


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