Recently in TOR: PAX Prime Info, No Release Date

Recently in TOR: PAX Prime Info, No Release Date

The Eternity Vault

This week’s Friday Update gave us another lengthy peak at the Eternity Vault operation. In the last 30 seconds of the video we get to see a montage of later portions of the operation which we haven’t seen in the past. I’m sure many of you have already seen a walkthrough of this raid and were aching for more interesting news to come out of PAX Prime. Take a look at the DarthHater dissection of this video.

No Release Date Announced, The Hat is a Lie

In the grand scheme nothing special was announced and PAX was yet another let down for fans. The vast majority of fans that were speculating on release date information have believed that information would be released at PAX. I’ve heard many speculations about this over the past few months. Even though this was the most realistic speculation I’ve heard, I didn’t see it happening considering how things have gone down recently. We were told that when the train was rolling along, we would know. Then Stephen Reid donned his conductor hat a while back. Since then, nothing significant has happened. It has seemed as if the track derailed. For many months I have said that we were likely looking at a November release date. At this point I just can’t be sure anymore and December is not at all an unrealistic assessment. According to developers, we are looking at a “Holiday 2011” release date now, so December is becoming very likely.

We all know that Bioware wants this game to have a solid release. They’ve been quoted saying exactly that many times. The problem is that it’s looking like they are stuck in the age old perfectionist artist mentality. At some point you have to leave things as is. And this is an MMO we’re talking about. Things can and WILL be corrected and improved upon as we go on after release.

“Art is never finished, only abandoned” (Leonardo Da Vinci). At some point you have to stop perfecting, modifying, removing and adding new features.

What have we learned?

Open world PVP has been announced. Beta testing weekends begin September 2nd. That’s really the extent of “worthwhile” news.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Star Wars: The Old Republic train "left the station" but... it's nowhere to be found.

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