Reviewed: Deus Ex Human Revolution

Reviewed: Deus Ex Human Revolution

As gamers our expectations are a bit extreme. We expect too much and too often end up disappointed. It’s not very often that a game comes along that exceeds our high expectations. Human Revolution however manages not to disappoint. It’s now on my list of all-time favorites.

I’m a huge fan of video games that allow you to play the way that you want to play. Human Revolution offers a refreshing new flavor on a lot of the mechanics that we’re accustomed to. Sure other games have story, hacking, stealth, incredibly graphics, cinematics and so on and so forth – wait who the hell am I kidding? Those other games suck ass and the only remotely similar title that I can think of worth-a-single-fuck is the Mass Effect franchise.

The environment is incredible. What else can I say about it? You just have to see it. Sometimes the scale of the world around you does feel a little bit confined, but I never stopped to care. I was too busy enjoying the game.

One unique feature is the social enhancer and emotional intelligence enhancer (augments which are unlocked by spending “praxis” points) which not only opens up new conversation options, but allows you to gain insight and an edge in that conversation. You’re given an indicator on the personality type and must respond accordingly to move forward and gain more information. The on-screen information looks quite cool when it’s displayed.

You know how you like to sprint around unloading clips like your Johnny Badass? Don’t. You’re free to play the way that you want in Human Revolution. If you want to unload on a crew of strapped bad guys you can, you will just want to plan ahead. Chunk a concussion grenade in the room or have the right augments to survive becoming a human hole puncher. Other options: Use a silencer, fatal or non-fatal take-downs or go around the enemy. There are plenty of options. With an augment upgrade you can slam a soda machine into your enemies face and unload while he recovers.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The interface and graphics are quite sweet. Screenshots usually don’t do a game justice. That’s especially true for Human Revolution.

If you’re sneaking you likely won’t be sighted unless you made a mistake. When the enemy does see you, they can be a bit hard to deal with. The enemy won’t likely stand around and let you take pot shots so you will have to depend on things like concussion grenades, thrown objects, stun guns, reloading and firing around a corner with a drastic loss in accuracy. Or you can sneak away.

Boss fights are ridiculously hard. It really depends on how you’ve been playing. I spent most of my points in hacking and couldn’t take damage at all. After I got my ass handed to me over a dozen times I realized I still had a few remote explosives. Then I just hid and started lobbing those bad boys and setting them off. Later in the game I had to face another boss. After getting killed over a dozen times, I realized I was being an idiot and figured out how not to die.

Pre-order came with a few nifty items. The Longsword Whisperhead silence sniper rifle, a fancy Huntsman Silverback double-barrel shotgun, 10,000 credits and a bonus mission. These guns are sweet but carrying them around meant I couldn’t carry more than a few other items. Even with augments to increase space. Inventory is very limited so you will have to pick a few of your favorite items and weapons and stick with them. But it should be that way.

Reviews can’t tell you enough about this game. You need to experience it yourself. So pick it up and don’t miss out.


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