Recently in Gaming: Game Releases, STO Goes F2P

Today in Gaming: Game Releases, STO Goes F2P

Red Orchestra 2 is releasing on September 13.

You know that incredible Grand Theft Auto 4 graphic mod? These screenshots of the new version will blow your fracking mind!

New videos have been released for that awesome looking in-development mech combat title Hawken: a story teaser and a desert map.

Dead Island is releasing on September 6th. Check out this launch trailer. YouTube user MrKQgaming2 has lots of gameplay footage og Dead Island.

Star Trek Online free-to-play model coming in 2011.

Check out Miner Wars, an in-development pre-alpha space shooter with fully destructible (believe that when I see it) environments and seamless transitions that remind you somewhat of Descent. I foresee lots of tunnel vision and claustrophobia.

I recently gave From Dust and Wings of Prey a go. My advice to you is not to waste your time or money. They both have great graphics, but the gameplay is absolutely horrible. I had planned on reviewing both, but they were so bad that I changed my mind.


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