Recently in TOR: Pouring Salt on Open Wounds

Recently in TOR: Pouring Salt on Open Wounds

As you know, pretty much nothing happened at PAX Prime. Those that actually attended had fun (of fucking course). Those of us that were not able to attend know that nothing came out of PAX that anyone (who has been following the game) cares about. What did come out was recycled information that we already knew about. If you’re curious anyway read Recently in TOR: PAX Prime Info, No Release Date.

Like adding salt to an open wound, this week’s Friday update is…dun dun!… a Gamescom 2011 Highlights video! Wait, wasn’t PAX Prime the most recent event? Yes it was and we’re just now getting a useless GamesCom Highlights video. Alright the jig is up. Someone check the gerbil room. That must be where the smell is coming from.

According to EA’s Frank Gibeau, the release date will depend largely on how well the beta weekends turn out and on player feedback received. Problems are expected and they will need to be corrected. I believe that this adds to my prediction that not even EA or Bioware knows the “official release date” and that they are still only guessing. Of course they do know when they want the game to release, but that’s not a solid date. It’s just a target. You can expect beta weekends to add to development time, seeing as how Bioware can’t decide when to stop making changes and only polish.

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