Recently in Gaming: Dead Island!

Recently in Gaming: Dead Island!

Dead Island is out in mere hours! A day-one patch is ready.

I’m a big zombie movie fan. The thing about zombie movies is they’re either great (ie., Night of the Living Dead – George Romero!) or they couldn’t possibly be worse (Return of the Living Dead 2?). As a fan of zombies, I’m hoping Dead Island has the impending and hopeless doom eerie-ness of the great zombie flicks. Left 4 Dead wasn’t so bad, but I’ve been hoping for something different.

A DLC for Dues Ex: HR has been discovered called The Missing Link and will be available next month. Human Revolution has received great reviews across the board. Eidos Montreal is doubling its studio size by 2015.

Fallen Earth is going free-to-play on October 12th.

Torchlight and Neverwinter MMOs set to release in late 2012 to early 2013.

Check out these awesome player-created Terraria structures.

Rockstar is going to start showing off Max Payne 3 next month. Hell. Yes.

Your beloved Battlefield series is turning to shit. Tanks heal themselves in Battlefield 3. Dice might as well crazy glue on fairy wings.


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