The Old Republic: Beta Information

The Old Republic: Beta Information

According to a long post on the official forums by community spokesperson Stephen Reid, we have learned the following:

– The current beta client is 27GB in size.
– Guild invites do not necessarily extend to all guild members.
– One more beta weekend is planned for September. Currently there has been one beta weekend so far. The NDA is still in effect for those who participated in the recent beta weekend.
– You can gain access to the game prior to launch by: early game access (ensured by pre-ordering), beta weekend, standard beta invites or a guild invite.
– Those participating in a beta weekend will not play on the same server as those in standard testing.
– You will receive your invite a few days in advance for weekend testing.
– There are specific forums for those in weekend testing.
– Game testing for those in EU is “imminent” and will occur on EU servers.
– Infractions on the official forums do not effect testing eligibility.


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