Recently in TOR: Beta Weekends, Etc

Recently in TOR: Beta Weekends, Etc.

You might have a chance to get in on beta weekends soon, if things actually go as planned. So look forward to that. And hey, pre-order the game! It’s going to be awesome.

Update: It appears that beta weekends might no longer happen. Further update: One more beta weekend is planned.

Yea, there’s not a whole lot going on in TOR news right now. Fans are still a bit angry over Bioware or EA dropping the ball on us so many times the past few months. Most of us would not care had they not given us the wrong impression repeatedly. Fans are irritated due to being told we would get new information at several cons (and only getting recycled information). It’s just a bit quiet on the TOR front.

No big deal, it’s just frustrating for fans and makes us feel like things aren’t going as planned. I’m sure the game will still release this year, but I think a lot of things that were planned to occur had to be rethought at some point.

Here is an awesome article on itemization and crafting in TOR.

European beta tester hopefuls asked to wait a bit longer.

The Old Republic is still selling like hot cakes.

TORWars looks at the lack of an appearance tab.

A fan of The Old Republic pod casts? Here’s a few recent episodes:

TORWars Episode 45: Exclusive Interviews w/ Daniel Erickson and Georg Zoeller
Keyboard Heroes Episode 10.5: Boom Sucka!
Corellian Run Radio Episode 31: Post-PAX Roundup
TOROCast Episode 118: A to Zed

TORWars Interview: Daniel Erickson Part Three
TORWars Video: Powertech Playing Huttball
TORWars: James Ohlen, Gabe Amatangelo Q&A
Corellian Run Radio Video (YouTube): Interview w/ Daniel Erickson Part 1 / Part 2


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