Recently in TOR: Ganking, Smuggler Video

Recently in TOR: Ganking, Smuggler Video

Read our rundown of some recent beta information.

The Old Republic will phase areas to handle server load at release. This will be done to a minimum. Switching instances will be limited and this will not be possible in combat. Other steps taken to prevent ganking: quick travel, stealth reviving and reviving at a medical center.

Drew Karphyshyn has written novels in the Star Wars and Mass Effect universe and lends his talent to The Old Republic. Take a look at this Newsarama interview.

This Friday’s update was a Smuggler character progression video. Thankfully it was not a PAX video but there is one if you want to see it. Also there is a Developer Blog available.

Check out this awesome video overview of starships available in The Old Republic.

And here is the Smuggler video…

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