Recently in TOR: Beta Reinvites, Fans Feel Lied To

Recently in TOR: Beta Reinvites, Fans Feel Lied To

I have followed the development of this game very closely for many years. Things went very smooth up until recent months. Since then we’ve increasingly been told to expect one thing. Then we got something totally different. If you’ve noticed the change then I’m sure you’re frustrated like many of us.

While I will not join those who believe that the game will release in 2012, I must be realistic and consider the facts and the possibilities. The fact is that Bioware has said repeatedly and adamantly that 2012 is a possibility. What scares me is that it’s increasingly more accurate to rely on the latter. It’s very possible that the release might slip into 2012.

Stephen Reid Quote

Read the above highlighted quote from a recent post detailing why testers are being re-invited to beta even though Bioware has said that they would not re-invite testers. The problem is the increasing tendency to go back on what was said (which you can see below from an older post)

Stephen Reid Post

Yes the quote says “this may change”. Regardless of whether Bioware covers it’s ass with a possibility, it’s still aggravating. Most of us wouldn’t care if Bioware didn’t tell us one thing and do entirely another.

This trend has been continuing for several months now. We were told that we would receive new information or specific details several times recently at conventions. We did not. Old information was recycled. Among other things. Let’s hope that Bioware realizes it’s recent mistakes and corrects them in the future.

Other news:

Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka of Bioware talk about becoming a game developer.

The Old Republic will be at Gamefest in England on September 16th.

Star Wars: The Old Republic has 400,000 likes on Facebook.

Companions to eventually receive same-sex romance options. The option will not be available at launch.

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