Recently in TOR: No Release Date Before Late Oct.

Recently in TOR: No Release Date Before Late Oct.

Update: The release date is confirmed as Dec 20th in the US and 22nd for EU.

CFO Eric Brown states that we likely will not see a release date prior to late October (EA earnings call is October 25th). This is not exactly unexpected at this point, but it’s still disappointing. Stephen Reid says “Investor calls and conferences are for investors. They are not meant for the general public.”

I have said in the past that what investors are told and what analysts say is typically absolute nonsense meant to calm the dogs at the door, but with a bit of common sense and knowledge of the industry you can always kind of sift through the nonsense and make some educated guesses with the information that they do give.

Read DarthHater’s post on EA at Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference.

TORWars interviews Damion Schubert who answers questions and talks about map sizes, crew skills, naming rules and the wall of crazy. Some ideas have apparently also been pulled off the wall of crazy and implemented in the game. Schubert also has confirmed dressing rooms which allow you to sample what gear looks like before equipping it.

Georg Zoeller talks about how massive space sports are, armor differences and how it’s not quick or easy to respec your character.

Corellian Run Radio posted this hilarious video of celebrities “attempting” to voice-over great moments in Star Wars movies.

The TOR forums are bumping up security and will require you to add new security questions.

A teen rating has been given by the ESRB.

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