Skyrim: New Beast, New Features

Skyrim: New Beast, New Features

A while back I wrote a post: Elder Scrolls Skyrim: New and Old Details Compiled. Check that out if you’re looking for a wide array of information on Skyrim compiled in one place.

Bethesda seems to have learned a lot from the plethora of popular community-mods that vastly improved Oblivion and also from Fallout 3. A great deal of features and changes in Skyrim reflect this and popular features unique to Fallout 3 are now in Skyrim.

These new features are numerous and exciting. We now have perks, finishing moves, the radiant story system, cooking, blacksmithing, dragon shouts, non-scripted events and dragons that can decide to attack any place at any time. Many features work together in an interesting way such as alchemy and cooking or dragon shouts, perks and magic. When you realize the scope of power available to you it begs the question: what can stand against you?

I remember how hyped up I was for Oblivion’s impending release: almost as excited as I am for Skyrim. I absolutely loved Morrowind and expected at least an equal experience with Oblivion. While I risk disappointment again, the difference is that I was excited for Oblivion simply due to it being yet another Elder Scrolls title. Skyrim on the other hand is shaping up to be a vastly improved game and I’m expecting it to make up for the disappointment that was it’s predecessor.

Not having to sleep to level up is probably the best news I’ve heard so far. Not really, but if you’ve played Elder Scrolls you know how frustrating that could get. I could list a bazillion new things in Skyrim that make it a better game than it’s predecessor. Bethesda is really upping the par on this one. I’ve read a lot of articles on Skyrim and my mind is continuously blown when I see new things that have been improved or the great new features available.


Some Improvements and New Features:
– Bow effectiveness and usefulness.
– The UI can be disabled entirely or you can simply adjust the opacity of the overlay.
– You can remove enchantments on items and use them on other items. Enchanted items will ‘glow’.
– Speechcraft from Oblivion has been replaced entirely.
– Pickpocket equipped items and weapons. There is an entire pickpocketing skill tree.
– Guilds are rooted in specific locations rather than every city: Dark Brotherhood, Thieves, Fighters and Mages.
– With smithing you can create weapons and armor such as: steel, arcane, elven, dwarven, glass, daedric, ebony and dragon. There are 13 types of ore.
– Crafting: six stages such as refining ore and assembling materials.
– Factions such as: Rebels and Riverwood Tavern Warrior Clan.
– New character customization options such as face point and vastly improved character models.

Update: For a large list of racials, perks and abilities check out this post over at

A forum member at Gamespot posted this list detailing 1-handed, 2-handed, pickpocketing, smithing and block perks.

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