Free To Play: The Hunter

Free To Play: The Hunter

Throw away your preconceptions of hunting games. This one doesn’t suck.

The Hunter was developed by the same company as Just Cause 2. It’s a very realistic open-world game meant for a niche market but is of interest to hard core gamers. In this game you spend lots of time tracking and waiting which might be a turn off for many.

The free version includes access to Logger’s Point. Logger’s Point alone is an incredibly massive area which takes at least an hour to walk from the north end to the south end. Other areas include: Whitehart Island, Settler Creeks and Redfeather Falls. All of theses areas make up one massive landmass (including islands). At Logger’s Point you will find mule deer, pheasant, feral hog, coyote and whitetail deer. The free version allows you to hunt mule deer only with the .243 bolt action rifle.

TheHunter Locations

You can purchase a license to hunt black bear, blacktail deer, moose, elk, whitetail deer, turkey, coyote and other animals along with access to other weapons such as: several types of shotgun, .30-06 rifle, .44 revolver, .270 bolt action, .300 bolt action, .357 revolver and the “Snakebite” compound bow. Like other free-to-play games you can buy game credits, bundles and access to different locations, weapons and the ability to hunt certain species.

All your stats are logged in an online profile where you can access your stats and others. Stats include information about your last hunt, lifetime stats, history and personal bests. Each time you spot an animal, track an animal, fire your weapon (hit or miss), where the shot lands (brain, specific neck vertebrae, liver, heart, lung, intestines, etc), distance fired, whether you found the animal and other information.

The further the shot – the higher chance to miss or not get a hit on a vital area (brain, neck, heart, etc) meaning the animal could flee until it bleeds out. So if you take a shot at 500ft you will have to walk 500ft plus the distance the animal fled. Unless you successfully got a hit on a vital area.

Hit-detection is top notch and you must plan your shot accordingly. A head or neck shot is a sure way to take down an animal, but with practice you can shoot for specific organs. Once you find the animal and harvest it your kill is scored and you have the option of taking a screenshot. Each kill is scored according to real-world methods.

TheHunter Online Profile

Most gamers will not touch hunting games. Why? Because they suck. TheHunter is an entirely different story. This game is beautiful. The graphics are absolutely top-notch. I’ve often stopped to watch the sun rays peak through a canopy of trees. Most people will simply be turned off by the time that they must invest in the game to get a kill. If your thing is massive open-world games then give it a try.


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