Recently in Gaming: F2P List, Foo Fighters

Recently in Gaming: F2P List, Foo Fighters

I will give you at least one great reason to attend Blizzcon. Foo Fighters will be performing. But Blizzard says don’t expect a Titan discussion. It’s likely that we won’t be seeing Blizzard’s new MMO anytime soon.

EA held a 1.6 million dollar Battlefield 3 tournament and excluded PC gamers. Yes, they actually excluded the main and original fan base of the series. Have we come to expect more from EA? Not really.

Check out this video interview where Felicia Day talks about Dragon Age: Redemption and Mark of the Assassin.

Take On Helicopters is a simulator from Bohemia Interactive. Pre-order now and play the beta.

Supposedly there’s a Battlefield 3 reality show starring NFL athletes. Do what?

Looking for a free-to-play title? Here’s a list:
Team Fortress 2
Lord of the Rings Online
League of Legends
Need for Speed World
The Hunter
Arma 2 Free
Quake Live
Bloodline Champions
World of Warcraft (Up to level 20)
Warhammer Online (Up to level 10)
Black Prophecy
World of Tanks
Age of Conan
Age of Empires Online

Upcoming free-to-play titles:
Planetside 2
Star Trek Online
DC Universe Online
F1 Online
World of Planes
World of Warplanes
World of Battleships
Fallen Earth

Rage Gameplay Trailer / Review List

Star Wars The Old Republic:
Sept 30 Friday Update: 3D Galaxy Map
Wondering if you got a beta invite? Check this link.
Confirmed: RP-PVP Servers
Video: Jedi Sentinel PVP
Articles: A Trip to Bioware Ireland / Before They Were Superstars: Bioware

YouTube: Batman Arkham City Gliding Gameplay

Gameinformer: List of Skyrim Achievements
Battlefield 3 Beta Video: Jet and Heli / Caspian Border
Battlefield 3 Review: Eurogamer Expo Hands-on Impression
Godisageek: Batman Arkham City: Hands-On Preview


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