WTF: Playable Pandas in WoW. Blizzcon Links.

WTF: Playable Pandas in WoW, Blizzcon Links

Another World of Warcraft expansion has been announced titled Mists of Pandaria. It will introduce the MMOs first neutral race – pandas. Yes a PANDA race. Check out the Mists of Pandara trailer. As you can imagine trade chat is booming with players who are making jokes about the new expansion. As is Twitter and the forums. Not only are the martial artist pandas nearly a ripoff of Jack Black’s Kung Fu Panda but it appears that there is a pet battle system similar to Pokemon.

Here is a list of new features in the expansion. Now that World of Warcraft literally is for kids, there’s always Star Wars: The Old Republic on Dec 20.

World of Warcraft - Mists of Pandaria

Fans are creating a Starcraft MMO from a mod called World of Starcraft.

Sign up for the World of Warcraft annual pass and get Diablo 3 free.

Check out the Starcraft: Heart of the Swarm trailer.

Blizzcon Links:
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Geekrevolt: Blizzcon 2011 – Opening Ceremony Recap
Destructoid: Hands-on with the Pandaren Monk
Shacknews: Blizzcon Show Floor Gallery
Joystiq: Mists of Pandaria will introduce Pokemon-like Pet Battle System

Star Wars The Old Republic:
IGN: The Old Republic: Companions and Crafting / PVP and Warzones
Mos Eisley Radio: TOR Lore 101: The Hutts / The Old Republic’s Trooper is a Monster
TORWars: Stephen Reid Clarifies ‘Press Embargo’ Ends Tomorrow
TheTORChannel: Daniel Erickson Interview NYCC
Darth Hater: Paris Games Week 2011 Coverage

Deltagamer Review: Batman Arkham City
TORWars: 1-UP Review: SWTOR is WoW with Lightsabers and it’s Amazing
Destructoid: Details on Blizzard’s DOTA
Deltagamer Review: Might and Magic Heroes VI
joystiq: Samwise Didier talks about finally bringing his Pandaren to life
Massively: League of Legends releases champion spotlight for Graves
Gamesradar: Blizzard shares details on pet battle system


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