Recently: GTA 5 Trailer, Skyrim In 7 Days

Recently: GTA 5 Trailer, Skyrim In 7 Days

The release of Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is very close. Look for it on November 11th. Bethesda has revealed the their are 280 perks in Skyrim. Damn that is a lot of perks, plus you get dragon shouts, magic etc. Bethesda has released a new video ‘The Sound of Skyrim‘ detailing information about the music and voice-acting. It includes in-game footage that we haven’t seen before.

Check out the free-to-play title Mechwarrior Online. Also in case you somehow haven’t heard take a look at Hawken. It will blow your mind.

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been announced and here is the trailer. Let’s hope that those who get butt hurt about 9/11 and jets in video games don’t prevent us from flying them in GTA5. GTA5 will have multiplayer and will be set in Los Santos. Rockstar is releasing Max Payne 3 in March 2012.

DC Universe Online is now free to play. Lineage 2 is going F2P later this year. Somehow I doubt very many people care.

Bioware is releasing information on a “secret title” in the near future. I’m going to make a shot in the dark and guess that it’s a new Jade Empire.

The Fallout: New Vegas fan film series Nuka Break is now at Episode 5. Catch up or check it out.

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