The Old Republic: Release Notes

The Old Republic: Release Notes

I have barely given myself time to come up for air since the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Bioware did a great job and the release of TOR has been a huge success.

There aren’t a lot of MMOs in which I enjoy PVP. I love PVP in SWTOR. Huttball is frackin awesome. For a while almost everyone was able to enjoy PVP. I play on a lot of alts and I can tell you it’s no fun playing against level 50s in their welfare epics on a lower level.

Bolster works really well for players <50 when there are no 50s in the warzone. The good news is that Bioware will be giving 50s their own warzones. A good thing because players with massive egos and welfare epics are already flaunting their egos because they can actually survive being attacked by a noob now.

Kids have already started complaining about no win buttons in TOR. One flashpoint boss has already been nerfed, because bad players couldn't take an extremely easy boss down within 3 minutes before it enraged. I don't expect Bioware to fully give in to these babies, but it's inevitable for their to be nerf upon nerf in an MMO. It's unfortunate so many unintelligent care bears can't handle using one brain cell in a video game.

As I have been saying for months, the player base in TOR will be less mature than in World of Warcraft and that is exactly what we’re seeing. Higher and higher level areas are being flooded with trolls and Republic/Imperial Fleet is the troll hub. If you thought Barrens or Trade Chat was bad then you will remember those days proudly once you experience the trolls in TOR.

A few patches have been released since Early Access. The issues that were fixed by these patches didn’t all appear to be high priority to a lot of players. Regardless of what we feel the priorities are, bugs are getting fixed on a regular basis and that’s awesome. We can’t complain. So settle down and stop crying about maintenance.

I’m really enjoying crafting. In the first few days I noticed that bio (for implants) and cybertech (for earpieces) were two of the better crew skills just because you don’t get upgrades to those as often. Crafted armor and weapons aren’t as good as they could be, but with a crit (augment slot) on a good recipe you potentially have an excellent upgrade. Now that slicing has been nerfed, I no longer have my bankroll and crafting can get expensive.

Minus the whiners, trolls and ego-maniac panda converts it’s everything I hoped for.


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