Recently: The Old Republic 1.1 Update

Recently: The Old Republic 1.1 Update

Bioware released the 1.1 Rise of the Rakghouls update to The Old Republic this morning. The update fixed a great deal of bugs and added a new flashpoint. That’s awesome!

What’s not so awesome is Sith are still overpowered and no nerfs were handed out to them. Snipers still outrange every class in the game. Sith Inquisitor’s are still overpower Consulars. Imperial Agent operatives still 3-shot (which Scoundrels simply can’t do very often) and it’s nearly impossible to react 75% of the time. Sith are so overpowered that thousands of players are switching from Republic to Sith, making the 2:1 outnumbering even worse. The fact is, Bioware needs to react quickly in the coming weeks and correct many issues with PVP, balance and end-game.

The update put 50s in warzones by themselves. 50s can no longer farm low levels in warzones. You will find most Sith on Ilum where they outnumber Republic and can farm Republic and valor. Completing dailies as a Republic player is quite a task right now. Republic is outnumbered about 30:1 on Ilum since the update this morning. Watch the video below to see how extensive the issue is.

The game still has a few graphic glitches which occur at times. The 1.1 update caused an issue which shows the loading screen randomly. Another issue was present prior to 1.1 that caused walls and objects to flicker on and off. Here is an example.

Update: Bioware responded quickly to issues created by 1.1 and applied a hotfix.

Read the patch notes here.

Star Trek Online is now Free to Play. Not that anyone really cares.

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