F2P Opinions: Blacklight Retribution, MS: Flight

F2P Opinions: Blacklight Retributions, MS Flight

Blacklight: Retribution and Microsoft Flight are both free-to-play. BL:R is in open beta. MS:F was just released. I was looking forward to seeing MS:F thinking it was an at least half-assed F2P version of MS Flight Simulator. I was wrong. As far as BL:F I didn’t know much about it but it looked worth a try.

The BL:R open beta started recently and I jumped on the opportunity. At first I wasn’t sure what to think about the game. One positive would be that the game runs smoothly on older video cards. What isn’t so positive is that combat just isn’t very fluid or natural.

What I cannot stand more than anything in a video game is clunky controls. It is my number one pet peeve. The fact that you actually are able to hit anything is more often luck than not. I recently played Modern Warfare 3 after avoiding it for many months. Aiming is very fluid and natural in MW3 and not at all in BL:R. Adjusting mouse sensitivity doesn’t really help. I really hate to use Call of Duty as an example but it just does something right that BL:R doesn’t.

The maps remind me of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. As do some of the abilities.

Being inside of the mech-like armor that you can purchase if you have enough points usually around mid to late game is very cool but practically useless right now.

BL:R has the opportunity to be a fun game but I don’t see it going very far and expect it not to do any better than pre-Reloaded All Points Bulletin.

Microsoft Flight doesn’t deserve the title. It is not a flight simulator in any sense whatsoever. Having the name implies that there is some element of simulation. There isn’t. You control the aircraft with the mouse and a cursor on the screen. Controls are a joke. The whole game is. It belongs on a discount shelf in the kiddie section with other Simpsons quality video games.

As soon as you are in control of the aircraft it’s all downhill from there. I am a fan of Microsoft’s flight simulators and have been since the original. This game doesn’t cut it. It just begs the question: what IS Microsoft Flight?

I would stay away from MS:F but give BL:R a try.


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