Check it: Flight Simulator X FsPassengers

Check it: Flight Sim X FsPassengers

I am definitely late in getting into using FsPassengers for Flight Simulator X but late is better than never. This add-on is amazing and if you play FSX then you’ve got to check it out.

With the recent release of the free-to-play Microsoft Flight you’re probably (like many of us) thinking that Microsoft has given up on making good flight simulators. Well until they pull their heads out of their asses FSX is still valid.

A drawback of Free Flight is it just doesn’t push you to follow the rules. FsPassengers changes this by giving you virtual passengers on your flights and an airline company to manage. My companies name is EliteTransX. I’m terrible at naming anything.

Your passengers react to everything; ticket prices, food and beverage prices and the way you fly. If you have a hard landing they respond accordingly. Kill your passengers in a crash and obviously your rating will suffer. On a recent flight my passengers were afraid of the turbulence and my rating dropped significantly but eventually rose to 98% once the adrenaline settled.

Your flights are graded on how your passengers feel and your performance as a pilot. Forget to set flaps on take-off or landing and that will deduct points from your Flight Report.

Another great thing about FsP is the random failures. You can set this for a percentage. I have it set at 5%. FSX only allows you do setup specific failures at a specific time and that just isn’t realistic, fun or educational. Plus if you know what is going to fail then it’s not a test of your ability to cope and fix the problem.

At the end of each flight you get a Flight Report grading your performance and how passengers feel about the flight. You can recall these reports at any time. Also you can bring up a Flights Map which shows past flights. There are dozens of options, settings and records to look at.

FSX FsPassengers Flight Report

If you enjoy FSX or just haven’t played in a while, pick up FsP and give it another shot. It changes the game for the better.

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FTX OrbX, AccuFeel, TileProxy (free), Real Environment, PMDG

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