New Mists of Pandaria Trailers

New Mists of Pandaria Trailers


3 responses to “New Mists of Pandaria Trailers

  • Patrick Leigh Friswell

    Im not a hater, I must say what Blizzard is doing concept wise about the expansion is excellent, awesome, wonderful, but really, I must admit as a longtime WoW gamer, I really don’t think pandas would fit the game, with the middle-aged, warrior-hero aged, and roleplaying theme it has, its just not right. 

    Draeneis were one thing, but they were not animals.

    • Chris Grooms

      I know what you mean. I definitely agree. A lot of people think they are pushing towards a younger audience and they have to be with an expansion like this.

    • Samuel Sanders

      Why would pandas stand out more than space goats? I mean for a start pandas have been in the lore now since Warcraft 1 I don’t know why people are so anal pained over that fact.  They are an ancient race and it was only a matter of time before they was properly put into the game.
        That being said I do have a few things that annoy me when it comes to recent blizzard and empty promises, they promised at the early stages of this expansion that there was going to be no auto attack with the new class and it was purely going to be put into the game as an all skill class to play, brilliant one would have thought at that prospect, possibly even straight up genius to try and mix up their somewhat stale build of the game of just right clicking things and now and then pressing buttons.
         However with current beta builds it seems they are basically now a rogue class with some healing and a little tanking.  Blizzard could have done something great or tried to breath new life into their already over-beaten and used mould they have been using for the past several years.  
        With Guild Wars 2 just over the Horizon and other AAA games coming soon it is only a matter of time more and more people will walk away from this game.  Sure there will always be a number of people playing this game because it is like a drug and it sucks you in with false achievements and makes you feel good about yourself, bugger me it is even worth playing for the small amount of socialising you get with randoms.  
        Blizzard is a shadow of its former self, they will continue to beat this game into the ground until they are not making anymore profit or at least until they come out with another MMO with a slightly better engine with the same mechanics (Which is going to happen).   Just bare in mind the phrase you reap what you sow, I will never go back to playing a Blizzard game just because of what has happened to them, they greedy wolfs that just devour money and games and leave an empty shell behind of games you once enjoyed.

      Sorry if my English is a tad off, living with these Swedes have made my English skills suck somewhat and my right eye is a tad blurry today for some reason.

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