World of Tanks: Unbalanced, Otherwise a Blast

World of Tanks: Unbalanced, Otherwise a Blast

There are game-breaking issues with World of Tanks: attributed mostly to the excessive balance issues. I’ve been playing since beta early last year though I only have around 1000 total battles since post-beta. In Wot you are forced to suffer through bad balance until you earn top tier tanks.

WoT is a fun game when your battles don’t suffer to outrageous match-ups. These battles match you with tanks that are so much more powerful than you that they can easily (and will) take 20 direct hits from your best gun to the one that it takes to kill you. It’s laughable and defies logic completely.

Battles in a T4 generally either result in being matched against T5, T6 or T7 tanks (and lower tiers). One T5 is the Soviet KV heavy tank which has a strong gun, high armor and medium hit points (560HP) but has a low rate of fire. The low rate of fire should compensate for its strength. It does not. Everything you shoot at the KV bounces off if you’re not in at least a T5 and one round from the KV can take out a T4 like its hull is made of paper.

One example is when playing the Hetzer (a tank destroyer) which often gets matched up against Tier 7s that have easily over a 1000 more hit points (the Hetzer has 270). The PzKpfw VI Tiger (Tier 7) has 1350 hit points. That alone makes you wonder what the hell is up‘s creative ass.

I have replays of a Tier 3 Sturmpanzer II SPG (artillery) getting at least 6 direct hits on a KV (plus splash damage) and the KV survives but finally takes it on the 7th direct hit. The KV is only a T5. And you only get about 16 rounds (if I remember correctly) in the SII.

Then there is spotting and camouflage. Both need work. I won’t go in-depth but I still see tanks appear 20 feet away, directly in the line of sight out of nowhere. Their are also issues with tanks becoming invisible mid fire-fight while exchanging fire. These takes are able to continue firing unseen.

World of Tanks is enjoyable when matched against tanks that are at least somewhat equal in strength but that is rarely ever the case. You get matched against your own tier about every 1 in 5 matches. One excuse given by many fan boys of WoT when you mention the balance issues are that the tanks you can’t damage are heavies. But regardless; these tanks shouldn’t take over half your rack of shells to achieve a damaging hit.

There are some great things about WoT. Getting in a match is extremely quick (around 10 seconds) and matches are over fast. There are also some nice mods available. Check out the World of Tanks StartPack.


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