SWTOR: Free month, Tauntaun pet, Reactivation

SWTOR: Free month, Pet, Reactivation

As part of a 1.2 Legacy promotion Bioware is offering lots of nice freebies to past and active subscribers to The Old Republic. If your subscription is not currently active you can return return for free for one week on April 13th through the 19th to preview the update.

If you already have an activate subscription you will earn a Legacy Tauntaun Ram pet. Those with active subscriptions and level 50 characters will receive 30 days of game time for free.

Surely there are many players without 50s that have stuck around for a while. I have lots of friends who have never been interested in getting to end-game soon. Personally, I have about 8 high level characters, but no maxed level 50s. In essence if I had returned a few weeks ago and did not max out a character I would not be eligible. This is a great offer, but somewhat unfair for a large number of players. What do you think?

1.2 Update Patch Notes


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