Recently: Crysis 3 In 2013, EA Layoffs, Etc

Recently: Crysis 3 in 2013, EA Layoffs, Etc

Crysis 3 has been announced for 2013 for PC, 360 and PS3. Three pre-order packs have been announced such as the stalker pack, overkill pack and the predator pack. Preorders get access to a bow, nanosuit model, multiplayer experience bonuses, skins and dog tags.

Crysis 3 2013

Torchlight 2 will support LAN and Internet Co-op with up to six players. It is said to be well optimized to run on older hardware and the engine has been updated. According to this video the game will be a very reasonable $19.99. One of the greatest things about Torchlight was the random area generation. Torchlight 2 will also have randomly generated areas outdoor.

More prototype screenshots of 0x10c have been found online (rather than officially released). There’s nothing promising about these images whatsoever. Of course they are images of extremely early development. I’m not expecting much more than a very simplistic and featureless lego Eve Online with somewhat better graphics than Minecraft.

The Better Business Bureau has concluded that technically Bioware committed false advertising with Mass Effect 3. Some outlets such as Amazon actually took refunds for Mass Effect 3. Bioware used to be my absolute favorite game company. Sadly EA ruined them, but they seem to be getting the idea now.


Supposedly EA is laying off 500 to 1000 employees due to the lackluster performance of Battlefield 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic. I’m not sure where this ridiculous claim originated. EA has denied this claim and personally I think it’s in the least very inaccurate. I don’t believe for a minute that EA employs anywhere near 500 people for BF3 and The Old Republic. EA has also recouped the cost of development for both by now.

Update: Not only were the reports of EA layoffs apparently bogus but EA reports that it will have its largest employee base yet by the end of 2012.

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