Thoughts on: Max Payne 3

Thoughts on: Max Payne 3

Max Payne 1 and 2 were great games. I loved the story, the characters and the gameplay. The characters were fun and comedic at times. The only thing about MP1 and MP2 that I didn’t like was the annoying drunk/drugged scenes which made me want to put a bullet in my old CRT. Max is an old fart now and damn bro if you’re going to shave your head shave that nappy ass beard too.

The only really bad thing about Mp3 is that you’re forced to sit through cinematics which make up about seventy five percent of the game. Several times you sit through a cutscene only to walk 30 feet and then you’re right back in another. What the hell is the point? Any weapons that you have equipped prior to a cutscene more often than not either disappear (pissing you off that you just lost that assault rifle) or are replaced with a pistol that you weren’t using in the first place because you were out of ammo for that particular weapon. There’s about as much actual gameplay in Max Payne 3 as there is non-voice over dialogue in The Wonder Years. Click the link to understand the reference.

When Max released the gameplay suffered due to various issues with mouse acceleration and sensitivity. The 1.0.22 update fixed these issues and I was able to actually enjoy the game. Developers tend to fuck these things up a lot for some reason. I’m still waiting on a Field of View slider due to the incorrect setting used currently. Yet another side effect of developers getting used to making shitty console ports.

The story isn’t amazing by any means but the only real reason they suffer in my opinion is because I expected it to be as good as the other two games. But seriously if some asshole is going to talk then let him talk to me: while I’m playing. We don’t need a cutscene every 30 seconds. It wasn’t long before I was getting kind of pissed off at the number of cutscenes. Things pick up about a dozen chapters in though. Cutscenes get a bit shorter and less numerous. Once you get actually play the game it starts to feel a lot more like a Max Payne title. And that can only mean: awesome.

The question always is: is the Payne experience worth the price tag? In this case I would have to say: not yet. Wait till the price drops to at least about 39 dollars.


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