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Review of The Witcher 2: Irritatingly Fantastic

The first Witcher title is somewhere in the midst of my top RPGs of all time. It did so many things the way that they should be done in an RPG. While I do have far more complaints this time around, I enjoyed The Witcher 2. I’m going to primarily start off with the negatives and move towards the positives.

The Witcher 2

I’ve been stoked about The Witcher 2 for a while and have had a lot of faith in the developers to deliver another success. Have they done that? They have and most reviewers agree, rating The Witcher 2 about an average of 9.0.

Check metacritic to see current ratings.

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Screenshot: Witcher 2 Dwarf Quotes

The Witcher 2
The Witcher 2

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The Witcher 2 Release Day Roundup: Reviews and Information

Witcher 2 Release Day Roundup

Yes, of course The Witcher 2 is so epic, I spent 30 seconds in Photoshop, because it deserved not one but two titles.

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