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E3 2011: Battlefield 3 Gameplay Footage #BF3


E3 2011: Battlefield 3 Gameplay Footage

BF3 Montage w/ Some New Footage

Video: EA Pwned: Battlefield 3 Special

High Res BF3 Images

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More High Resolution BF3 Screenshots

Battlefield Play 4 Free: Another Battlefield Heroes?

This will be my second review of Battlefield Play 4 Free. Now with much more experience in the game, I have a much better grasp on the issues facing the game and I would like to outline why I will no longer be playing it.

Up until recently you were able to purchase weapons with points earned by playing the game. You had the choice between regular versions of weapons and the “Veterans” versions which were a bit more powerful. These were all accessible to everyone and only required points earned in the game to rent for a specific time. Recently several weapons were released that could only be purchased with battle funds (real money). The issue here is the same as in Battlefield Heroes. We’re starting to see incredibly overpowered weapons in the game that can only be purchased with real money.

Now understand that it makes sense for weapons that are purchased with real money to be superior to any other item in the game, but this should only be true to a small extent. They should not be incredibly overpowered in comparison. I knew that eventually the time would come that Battlefield P4F would begin to experience balance issues just like it’s predecessor Battlefield Heroes and I feel that that time has now come.

Yes, stats are only technically relative to weapons of the same type. You do also have to factor in damage fall off, but generally a pistol user is going to be at extreme close range anyway.

Battlefield Play 4 Free Weapons Sheet

The MP412 REX is a bit alarming. It does extremely high damage at close range and it’s reload and fire rate is extremely high. It only holds 6 rounds, but it reloads very fast. It has more than sufficient speed to fire off a second round before the opponent has time to turn and sight the user. In fact, it can easily unload the entire 6 rounds in that time.

Almost the same can be said for the M95 sniper rifle with it’s damage of 95 compared to other sniper rifles, but it’s much easier to deal with since it has an pretty low re-fire rate. So, no complaints there really. That makes sense for balance. If you miss, you’re likely toast. If you miss with the MP412 REX, the odds are that you will not miss on the second or third shot and that second hit will almost always be a kill. A sniper with the M95 and M412 REX would be extremely deadly.

Basically the issue is that the MP412 REX is overpowered at close range. It’s stats need re-working. It needs a lower fire rate. Of course it’s only one weapon, but considering what was done with Battlefield Heroes, what we can expect is for this to become a bad situation for players that aren’t paying real money.

Currently this appears to be the best YouTube video with footage of the MP412 REX. Fast forward to 0:26 to see how fast the pistol fires and reloads.

That said, I will warn you about another problem. The maturity level of players in BFP4F is comparable to that of players in Barrens chat in World of Warcraft or Call of Duty.