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GC 2011: Battlefield 3 Trailer ‘Caspian Border’


Today in Gaming: Get Your Gamescom Game on!

Today in Gaming

Gamescom begins this Wednesday the 17th and will close on the 21st.

EA to stream it’s Gamescom press conference on Tuesday August 16th via EA.com. Titles to be shown to the public: Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3, Star Wars: The Old Republic, FIFA 12, The Secret World and The Sims 3 Pets and Social.

Dota 2 will be shown at Gamescom by Valve. Check out these images.

A Witcher 2 update and overhaul will be revealed at Gamescom.

In a Q&A with Eidos-Montreal, devs explain why the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is not a crappy console port.

Several Star Wars: The Old Republic fan sites have released new podcasts: TOROcast Episode 115: Wub Wub and TORWars Episode 42: Smuggler and Agent Kiting, Cover and Group Stealth.

DarthHater interviewed Daniel Erickson (leader writer on Star Wars: The Old Republic) as he went into detail on the unique class story arcs in TOR.

From Dust is releasing on the PC on August 17th. I’ve personally been really looking forward to this one.

The Old Republic: Recent Info and Fan Friday

The Old Republic: Recent Info and Fan Friday

It’s another Star Wars: The Old Republic Fan Friday. I know, I know. Don’t kill the messenger! Hey, stay positive. Next week is GamesCom and it’s only a matter of (short?) time before we get a release date.

This week’s Friday Update featured community creations by JenFX, norzeele and Alliant.

Also new desktop wallpaper based on the Return trailer along with wallpaper for the iPhone created by Alliant.

In other Old Republic news analysts predict that the game will sell three million units in the first year. TOR will be at Gamescom in Germany. Attendees will have the chance to experience the Alderaan PVP warzone and origin worlds. There will also be a demonstration of the Eternity Vault operation.

Today in Gaming: GamesCom, Borderlands 2, F2P

Today in Gaming: Gamescom, Borderlands, F2P

The World of Planes beta registration is live.

Pre-order Trackmania 2 for $24.99 and get access to the multiplayer beta.

Age of Conan recently went free-to-play. It’s F2P model has been touted as a success, seeing 300,000 new players and doubled profits.

Gamescom kicks off Wednesday the 17th and ends on Sunday the 21st. The event will feature over 550 exhibitors from 40 countries. Borderlands 2 will be live-streamed on UStream.

Codemasters announces free-to-play Mac and PC title F1. It is slated to release in 2012. For now you can sign up for the newsletter. Fallen Earth will also be free in the “near” future, so keep an eye out for news.

Are you a fan of Minecraft? MineCon tickets are available now.

Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard is set to release on September 27th. It will feature three new regions: Dunland, Gap of Rohan and Isengard. The level cap will be raised to 75.

Google has announced games for Google+.

Battlefield 3 will require Origin to play the retail version. It will not be available on Steam. I’m not at all happy about being forced to use Origin. What about you?

SWTOR Gamescom Booth Footage #swtor

This is old footage and I wouldn’t put it up now, but the booth art work is nice and there may be some video footage in here and there that someone has not seen.