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Recently in TOR: Guild Launch PH2, Eurogamer Expo

Recently in TOR: Guild Launch PH2, Eurogamer Expo

Update: BREAKING NEWS: The Release Date is December 20th US and 22nd EU.

Well we finally have some great news to talk about. Guild Launch Phase 2 has been initiated allowing guilds to become allies or adversaries with up to three other guilds. Members with permissions can now invite friends via email. This leaves one more phase which will come during launch. Aligning with another guild does not guarantee that you will be placed on the same server.

While reading Edge magazine, I was happy to read a paragraph talking about Customer Service Agents that will be working on The Old Republic. Edge Magazine interviewed Ruben Cortez, Senior Director for European Operations. It seems that Bioware’s agents must not only provide support, but are required to play the game and know about what they’re supporting. Cortez said, “We have mandatory play time. We actually put it in people’s calendars: On this day at this time, get in the game and play” (Source: Edge Magazine).

This week’s Friday Update gave us a seven minute Developer Dispatch: Companion Characters video along with Companion Characters Update: Part 1. The update talks about customization, story and abilities along with two more very short videos.

Eurogamer Expo kicked off on the 22nd and ends tomorrow the 25th. Look below for more information.

An article on VG247 quotes James Ohlen as saying, “Because of the hype around the game right now, our launch numbers are predicting something really huge, which means we have to be ready for the biggest online launch in history essentially”.

DarthHater interviewed Stephen Reid at Eurogamer Expo. Check out the interview here. Also from Eurogamer Expo here is an interview with Daniel Erickson.

Check out this seven minute Developer Dispatch video “Designing Companions”…

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Star Wars The Old Republic: Pre-Launch Guild Program #swtor

SWTOR Pre-Launch Guild Program

Join a guild today and be ready for the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic.